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The Rutgers Climate Institute encourages the formation of self-initiated clusters of faculty around topics of mutual interest. As these topics evolve into research themes and secure support, they are considered more formally as Climate Institute working groups. Rutgers faculty and research staff are currently advancing the following topics of interest:

Carbon offsets. Development of this topic area focuses on examining the scientific, economic, and public policy aspects of strategies to offset carbon emissions so as to develop opportunities for multidisciplinary research, demonstration projects and policy analyses.  The carbon offset topic of interest is led by Jeanne Herb, Assistant Director of the Environmental Analysis and Communications Group, Edward J.Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy.

Coastal climate change vulnerability, impacts and adaptation.  Development of this topic area centers on providing opportunities for faculty and students conducting sea level and coastal impacts-related work to interact with one another on a regular basis, laying the groundwork for coordinated research. Foci include teaching, training, policy and public outreach. Professor Robert Kopp (Earth and Planetary Sciences) leads this effort.

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